Thursday, November 17, 2011

how to create Android autotext as BlackBarry

required application :
- Astro file manager ( Market )

- Smartkeyboard Pro download

 - (autotext) backup

Create Android autotext :

1. first Install the Smart Keyboard Pro has been downloaded.

2. then put and BlackBarry autotextnya in SDcard.

3. Goto Settings menu > select the language and keypad

4. Click the checkbox at Smart keyboard pro.

5.then click Setting smart pro keyboard underneath.

6.Click Backup Setting > restore from sdcard > ok.

7. After still in the settings menu click text prediction 
    - Auto-capitalization: on
    - Quick fix: off (order not automatically be replaced so typing)
    - Show suggestion: on

8. Adding AutoText

- Click Setting  looking at the bottom click Custom AutoText

- Then click the add autotext

- Column 1 word that gave rise to autotext example will appear later

° ° ° =)) H h ª ª ª ª ª ª h ª h ª ° ° °

- Coloum 2 BlackBarry autotextnya

- Open the file you downloaded earlier agan: BlackBarry AutoText (there are many once-autotext autotext that agan might add)

9. after all backup setting is complete go to the menu again to make a backup of this. so the setting not lost. the last backup will be replaced with a new backup

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