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The Benefit of Android Custom Roms

A custom ROM is essentially an alternate working framework for your cell phone/ tablet. Not at all like the preinstalled firmware that is given by the maker, for example, Samsung Touchwiz or HTC Sense, custom Roms give a very nearly unadulterated Android encounter much like that you'd find on Google's Nexus gadgets. Custom ROMS are additionally enhanced with numerous valuable additional gimmicks and customization alternatives that influence the conduct of the framework. In this manner, the client gets more control over their gadget than it would ever be conceivable with the standard programming from the producer. Furthermore, custom Roms are additionally a decent approach to introduce a later form of Android on your gadget. Example website for Android Custom Roms Download here

The benefits of a custom ROM

Android bloatwareThe most basic benefit of custom ROMs is getting rid of “bloatware” — the trial or otherwise unwanted software carriers often include in the ROM to get you to buy more stuff, that you may not need, and that takes up precious room on your device. When ROM “cooks” (ROM terminology often uses a kitchen metaphor, with cooking being a common name for the process of building a custom ROM) create a ROM, the first thing they leave out is the space-consuming trial software. They may also leave out many of the included utilities, letting their users add them back only if they need them. Often they also strip out vendor- or carrier-specific versions of the launcher, replacing them with Google’s original versions or a version they prefer.
Beyond simple fixes, custom ROMs can also open a whole world of new possibilities for your device. In many cases newer versions of Android are available for your device as custom ROMs, beyond what your carrier has released or is planning to release. The Viewsonic gTablet is a great example of that, with several different custom Honeycomb (Android 3.0) ROMs available for it, even though there is almost no chance Viewsonic will ever bother to try to port Honeycomb to it.
Custom ROMs can also include other cool features, like overclocking, themes, private browsing support, and so on. The gTablet’s Nvidia Tegra chipset, clocked at 1GHz “by the book,” can be overclocked to 1.6GHz with the right combination of ROMs and a custom kernel, with corresponding performance improvements. In some cases custom ROMs can even completely re-invent existing devices. There is already an alpha version of an Android ROM out for the HP Touchpad, a webOS device, for example.

Samsung Galaxy Mini s5570 : Android 2.2

Samsung Galaxy Mini s5570 has a bold rounded design, making it easy to hold and perfect for easy mobility and comfort.

Android platform


Download your favourite Aps and find new ones on the Android market place, with over 250,000 to choose from, customize your phone with the aps that you love.
With Android 2.2 enjoy all the benefits from Google, use your Gmail account for email and GTalk for instant messaging, keep in touch with your friends on the go. Forget using sat nav or asking for directions as Google. you can costumize your android os with Android custom roms download .

aps can get you where you want to go, whether it is finding out where to meet you friends on a night out or finding your nearest Italian restaurant.
Voice search makes this so much easier, simply talk into your phone , you don’t have to type anything.
Enjoy a super speedy experience (up to five times faster) with Android 2.2 over its predecessor, 2.1. you can upgrade Samsung galaxy mini s5570 with Android Custom Roms Download Pinch zoom in and out allows users to go to the menu faster, and gives a better internet browsing experience.

Facebook and Twitter

The Galaxy Mini features a wide variety of social networking links. Your facebook and Twitter aps are already downloaded for you to use straight away. Whether viewing friends’ pages, posting a tweet, or instant messaging with mates, always stay in touch. Your online calendar consolidates Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft Exchange too so they are all integrated into one. Never worry about missing special events.


Great Performance

Wi-Fi connects you to the internet from anywhere. External microSD memory enables you to store more files so they’re always on hand (2GB microSD included). Strong 600MHz processor can handle multitasking of various applications. 1200mAh detachable battery lasts longer, allowing you to talk, surf, work and play more. HSDPA 7.2 enables super fast downloads of large contents. Users will be impressed by the hardware of this mobile - from the strong processor to the long-lasting battery. The mobile also comes with Wi-Fi and an easily accessible microSD slot for storing all your multimedia content. Samsung Galaxy Custom Roms



SWYPE lets you write messages faster and more conveniently with a continuous motion of the finger. Connect the dots to write text instead of pushing of nobby buttons one at a time.



TouchWiz 3.0 for Android

Upgrade interface for enhanced use of touch screen navigation. Wider area for texting makes writing messages more comfortable. Optimized keypad enables more accurate typing.
Users will enjoy the upgraded interface that makes touch screen navigation smoother and more intuitive than ever before. The larger keypad optimizes typing and the menus are simpler to navigate.


Product Description

The GALAXY mini might be compact, but it is capable of doing a lot! Packed with Google Mobile Services that let you do more on your mobile, the mobile comes with easy access to Gmail, GTalk, Google Maps and more! Enjoy the services you depend on - directly on your mobile. And with access to over 100000 apps on the Android Market, there's no limit to what your mobile can do! Keeping in touch has never been easier, especially when the Social Hub is in the palm of your hand. A gateway to social networking site

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Springpad Android Aplications Review

Springpad is an amazing way to save, share and act on what's important to you.

Save what you love, organize it into smart notebooks, collaborate with others and share it with the world. Your life will never be the same.

Save anything, from anywhere.
- Collect things you find on the go or on the web.
- Clip an article, snap a photo, scan a barcode, record a voice memo or save a nearby place.
- Access the things you save from any of your devices.

Whatever you save, we'll make it better.
- Add something to your Springpad notebooks, and we'll instantly enhance it with related information.
- Save a restaurant, and we'll give you a map and reviews.
- Save a movie, and we'll add Rotten Tomatoes reviews and nearby showtimes.
- Save a book, and we'll link to where you can buy it.
- Save a product, and we'll tell you when there's a price drop. Get the idea?

Collaborate on notebooks with friends, family and co-workers.
- Invite your family to collect ideas for your upcoming family vacation.
- Invite your foodie friends to share their favorite recipes.
- Invite your spouse to save restaurant and movie ideas for date night.
- Collaborate with co-workers on a project, or collect must-read industry articles.

Share and discover great content.
From "Favorite West Village Brunch Spots" to "Essential Beach Reads," the notebooks you curate could be valuable to others. Springpad lets you easily share your best notebooks with the world. You can also explore and follow notebooks from other users within the Springpad community.

How might you use Springpad ?
1. Save your favorite recipes - invite your family to collaborate, access ingredients on the go.
2. Plan your next vacation - save hotel, restaurants, activities, subway maps, etc.
3. Save bookmarks for reading later - never forget an important article or book.
4. Create a movies-I-must-see-this-summer-or-else list.
5. Build wish lists and shopping lists.
6. Collaborate with co-workers on a project.

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Price : Free

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The Amazing Spider-Man Android Games Review

Fresh out the thugs and super-villains from NYC in this Extremely Idol trip.

Get ready for extreme web-slinging activity with The Awesome Spider-Man! Be a part of Spider-Man in the formal activity app of this long expected 2012 blockbuster! Perform through the film story as Spider-Man looks off against the Reptile and rampaging gangs. Web-sling and spider your way through an start, completely 3D New You are able to while using your amazing abilities to save the town.

** Observe that The Awesome Spider-Man needs 2GB of no cost storage to set up **

• Battle the Reptile and his minions to put a quit to his black techniques.
• Perform The Awesome Spider-Man through more than 25 immersive tasks motivated by the future film's story.
• Climb up, leap and web-sling from developing to developing for an airborne excitement like never before!

• Find the town through its five unique zones (Central Recreation area, Business, Town center, Connect and Residential)
• An interesting and pleasant battling system with melee, varied, combination strikes and much more
• Many improvements to personalize your style, strikes and skills

• Discover an open-world New york, overflowing with activity. Discover unique tasks, collectible items and more methods in the City that Never Sleeps!
• Battle in a completely 3D New You are able to City with cutting-edge design.
• Innovative shaders and visible results make Batman more genuine than ever before!

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Price : $ 6.99

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Android Games Review

Imagine it, build it. Create worlds on the go with Minecraft - Pocket Edition

The new Minecraft - Pocket Edition allows you to build on the go. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go.

* Creative and Surival game modes
* Randomized worlds
* Build anything you can imagine
* Build with 36 different kinds of blocks
* Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network)
* Save multi-player worlds on your own phone

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*Xperia PLAY optimized*

Note: Samsung Galaxy Tab users, please test the demo first! If it doesn't start, you will have to update your Android system software version.

Angry Birds Space Premium Review

Angry Birds Space Premium is totally ad-free!

After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own...
Angry Birds Space features 60 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With regular free updates, brand new birds, brand new superpowers, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit!

• 60 interstellar levels!
• Regular free updates!
• Brand new birds!
• Brand new superpowers!
• Zero-gravity space adventures!
• Trick shots using planets’ gravity!
• Hidden bonus levels!
• Beautifully detailed backgrounds!
Join the global phenomenon as it goes galactic!
NOTE: If you upgrade from Angry Birds Space to Angry Birds Space Premium, your progress will not be transferred.

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Comics By comiXology

The only comic strips shop and audience with Marvel Comics and DC Comics on Android!

The biggest electronic comic collection with over 20,000 comic strips available
including over 600 for no cost. Marketers consist of Marvel Comics, DC Comics,
Image, IDW, Archie & many more!
Purchases created here can be study on the web, too, at
The only comic audience and shop with Advised Perspective Technological innovation, which says "solves the issue of studying comic strips on the little display."

(In situation you were thinking... This app needs the "Coarse
(network-based) location" authorization only to help immediate you to the
nearest comedian suppliers in your place as aspect of the "Buy in Print"
feature. comiXology areas your comfort, and we do *not* gather or
store this delicate place data! We wish this opens up up any concerns
you may have regarding authorizations.)

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