Thursday, September 4, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Mini s5570 : Android 2.2

Samsung Galaxy Mini s5570 has a bold rounded design, making it easy to hold and perfect for easy mobility and comfort.

Android platform


Download your favourite Aps and find new ones on the Android market place, with over 250,000 to choose from, customize your phone with the aps that you love.
With Android 2.2 enjoy all the benefits from Google, use your Gmail account for email and GTalk for instant messaging, keep in touch with your friends on the go. Forget using sat nav or asking for directions as Google. you can costumize your android os with Android custom roms download .

aps can get you where you want to go, whether it is finding out where to meet you friends on a night out or finding your nearest Italian restaurant.
Voice search makes this so much easier, simply talk into your phone , you don’t have to type anything.
Enjoy a super speedy experience (up to five times faster) with Android 2.2 over its predecessor, 2.1. you can upgrade Samsung galaxy mini s5570 with Android Custom Roms Download Pinch zoom in and out allows users to go to the menu faster, and gives a better internet browsing experience.

Facebook and Twitter

The Galaxy Mini features a wide variety of social networking links. Your facebook and Twitter aps are already downloaded for you to use straight away. Whether viewing friends’ pages, posting a tweet, or instant messaging with mates, always stay in touch. Your online calendar consolidates Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft Exchange too so they are all integrated into one. Never worry about missing special events.


Great Performance

Wi-Fi connects you to the internet from anywhere. External microSD memory enables you to store more files so they’re always on hand (2GB microSD included). Strong 600MHz processor can handle multitasking of various applications. 1200mAh detachable battery lasts longer, allowing you to talk, surf, work and play more. HSDPA 7.2 enables super fast downloads of large contents. Users will be impressed by the hardware of this mobile - from the strong processor to the long-lasting battery. The mobile also comes with Wi-Fi and an easily accessible microSD slot for storing all your multimedia content. Samsung Galaxy Custom Roms



SWYPE lets you write messages faster and more conveniently with a continuous motion of the finger. Connect the dots to write text instead of pushing of nobby buttons one at a time.



TouchWiz 3.0 for Android

Upgrade interface for enhanced use of touch screen navigation. Wider area for texting makes writing messages more comfortable. Optimized keypad enables more accurate typing.
Users will enjoy the upgraded interface that makes touch screen navigation smoother and more intuitive than ever before. The larger keypad optimizes typing and the menus are simpler to navigate.


Product Description

The GALAXY mini might be compact, but it is capable of doing a lot! Packed with Google Mobile Services that let you do more on your mobile, the mobile comes with easy access to Gmail, GTalk, Google Maps and more! Enjoy the services you depend on - directly on your mobile. And with access to over 100000 apps on the Android Market, there's no limit to what your mobile can do! Keeping in touch has never been easier, especially when the Social Hub is in the palm of your hand. A gateway to social networking site