Monday, July 16, 2012

SushiChop 2.0 Android Games Review


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We're excited to add a NEW KNIFE to your collection!
BAMBOO BLADE: This incredibly sushi slicer will occasionally retain you from using effective fish! This fun new advantage sometimes deflects ruined fish!

Update nowadays and discover out a new level of sushitastic fun!
In SUSHICHOP, your handy is the razor-sharp blade, as you run your way to sushi reducing glory!

Cut with perfection and expertise to complete each plate before the minutter operates out. Fill a plate reducing the least seafood necessary to generate a Ideal Cut extra, but be careful the potent natural fish!

Earn as much as you can with 3 life in SushiChop function, then deal with SushiMaster function, where you are given the job of reducing only the seafood that go with an order cards!

Featuring OpenFeint incorporation, with leaderboards, success, and online community giving, to contend and talk to your buddies about your SushiChop conquests!

Features previously added in 2.0:
- Chop power-ups to crank up your scoring power!! POW!
- Earn Coins to upgrade power-ups and buy blades and modes! Ka-CHING!
- Master Fish Challenges to earn coveted Mishellin Stars to get even bigger bonuses! WOO HOO!
- Fresh leaderboards to go with fresh 2.0 chopping! ALL RIGHT!

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