Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How To Tweaking Android With V6 Supercharge

V6 Supercharger is a scrip that works to optimize performance and increase the speed dd android agan as: Reduce lag, Multi tasking, battery saver, Mega Ram on android. Get to how to install it:

1. Device must be in a state root,
2. Download and install Busybox Installer via google play.
3. Open the Installer application Busybox, and select and install busybox version 1.18.2. Wait until installation process is complete Busybox. Do not panic, Android automatically direct you to restart after the install is complete.
4. Download and install the Script Manager via google play.
5. Download the script here (www.4shared.com/rar/NL2RWyH2/V6_SuperCha..._for_Android-up.html)
6. Open the application Script Manager, then tap Menu> More> Advanced Options> Config, check the Browse as root and export $ HOME
7. Back to the script manager, open the script that was downloaded in step no. 5, select run as root (also mark the icon image of the skull, like a symbol superuser), and then click Run
8. Tap the screen to bring up the keyboard, content with the number 1, press enter. Wait until finished
9. Once completed, the contents of a number Choose one of these
10. Select 2, for a battery-saving tweaks
11. Select 6, to tweak the balance
12. Select 7, to tweak multitasking Press enter. Wait until the process is complete
13. Once completed, content with the number 16 to reboot.
14. Open the root explorer, if no please download first on google play. Then browse to the etc / data / rename the file search 99SuperCharger 99SuperCharger be S99SuperCharger

Restart the device, then feel the difference

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